Friday, September 11, 2015

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My wife Michele and I were able to spend an extended time on Bonaire with friends and family. We made new friends, discovered a great deal about ourselves and really had a refocus on what is important in life. 

This experience has given us a renewed interest in reef conservation and protection. We have been motivated to look at the bigger picture in life - and help others see it as well.

I started this blog to stay connected to friends and family back home- however I have been told that others are using it as a reference site for tourism, extended stay information, and long term re-location planning. 

I would encourage everyone who visits Bonaire to do so not just with a visitor mentality of passing through, but rather spend a little of your time working with your dive shop or the conservation groups to see how you can make the island at least a little better. 

As divers it is up to us as an army of trained volunteers to protect what we love seeing and doing. Dive responsibly, reach out to volunteer in some small way: 
  • Reef Cleanup: report debris if you are not comfortable in removing it safely. Location, direction and depth will help others go into the water and clear it out. 
  • Complete Surveys: This helps with actual reporting of reef conditions and marine life health for corals and fish populations
  • Fishing Line Cleanup: Fishing line kills turtles. Period. The hooks get stuck in their mouth and stomach as the line looks like jellyfish (one of their food sources). The line gets tangled inside the turtle and eventually causes them to starve to death as it never processes through. Hooks get snagged in sponges - another food source for turtles. Learn how to safely remove fishing line through your dive shop, or at the very least report it's location for later removal. 
  • Any of the organizations listed below can help you with training and education, and they are all eager to do so.


Enjoy your stay- together we all truly help keep Bonaire a Divers Paradise

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