Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hi All,
As many of you know, my wife Michele and I will be living on the island of Bonaire during the months of July and August 2015. We are both ridiculously excited for this opportunity and will be making regular posts here about our adventures. One of the things I will be doing specifically is posting pictures and highlights as we go.

For those who know us, Michele will continue writing code while we are on the island, and I will be focusing more on the reef survey documentation, and underwater photo-journalism aspect of things.

For those who do not know us and perhaps have not seen some of the previous images, here is a small sample of previous pictures taken - certainly hoping it all only gets better :)

 Common Reef Octopus- This one has a head the size of a basketball and was out in the open middle of the day.

Reef Squid away from it's shoal

This shot was taken from about 6-7 feet away.
Batwing crab eating.
This is the same crab, but if you look at the back you can see the Batman symbol that gives the crab it's name.

Fairy Basslett

Sea Turtle

Tunicate (Salp Chain) - these organisms are fascinating. Each orange dot shown in the picture helps delineate an individual organism that connected to another like it to form a chain. Here is some more information:

Keep an eye out for more to come as regular updates........ 

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